Why are people so fascinated with what is going under the sheets?

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September 8, 2012 by franckbu

Maryland Proposition 6 To Allow Same-Sex Couples to Marry


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how can president Baraka Obama like the gay/same sex-marriage?
it has no manner ok? pls do not lead people like an animal………………..fear god

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  • Simba
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    google: heterosexual porn
    you people are nasty

  • Silver_Ice_Dragon03
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    google: homosexual porn
    you people are nasty-er.

  • Franck
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    Honestly!! Porn has nothing to do with marriage and love and it most definitely is a tie as to whom is nastier gays or heteros. So get your mind out of the gutter, stop trying to wonder what goes on under the bed sheets and be objectives.

    If your sole reasoning for not granting equal rights to same-sex couples is because you are worried of them fornicating, then you should deny marriage rights to all adulterers, child molesters, murderers, thieves, fornicators, and any other sinners you can think of. Guess what, there wouldn’t be too many marriages i can guarantee you that.

    For those that say marriage is for procreation, guess again… Last time I checked, my sperm did not require a marriage license for uniting with a fertile egg (luck maybe, marriage license no). A marriage is and has always been a contract to have two individuals bound to each other. As a matter of fact it really was a contract for the parents of a daughter to give her away along with other material possessions to another willing family with a son who had come of age. For the longest time, the wife was not much more than property during marriages. Thankfully, we have corrected that.

    Not so long ago, members of races other than whites were strictly forbidden to enter in such union with the so called master race. This is of course one of the most laughable restrictions mostly considering that Christians have always followed the words of an individual of Judeo-Arab descent who would have been lynched a few years ago had he laid a finger on a fair white damsel.

    Fear God?? Not even!! I love God, It’s the Christians I fear for the most part…  Especially the uneducated ones…


Why can’t we just agree to disagree!!  Why is it that folks

have to go on hating others and making their life miserable

when it the end it does not and will not ever impact their life

in any negative or positive manner.


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